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Few would dispute that the key to a healthy life is primarily to eat a healthy diet and take regular exercise. To do these two things would add years to the life span of your average American and yet they are rarely put into practice, either as a result of apathy or (more likely) the result of years of misinformation on matters of health and fitness. We have a society in which “diseases of affluence”, including cancer and heart disease, are the cause of a large percentage of all adult death despite being almost entirely avoidable. There are populations of people who, probably as a result of eating different diets, experience far lowers rates of these diseases. In some parts of the world cancer is a rare occurrence.

Eating a healthy diet involves getting the right balance of macro- and micro- nutrients. For most people in the developed world to put this into practice would mean cutting down on carbohydrates and saturated fats while increasing intake of fiber, vitamins and minerals. From pre-eminent international organisations all the way down to qualified nutritionists the advice given usually involves increasing intake of fruit, vegetables and legumes. When carbohydrates are consumed, make sure they are low GI. Minimise consumption of foods with a high saturated fat content. Refined sugar is bad for you, period.

The advice is simple in theory although for many who know the right thing to do quite difficult to follow from day to day. However, if given enough incentive, and when the facts are made plain most people will make an effort. Asking yourself the question “Do I want to die young or old? What sort of old age do I want to have, healthy or unhealthy?” can be a powerful motivator. From there it is possible to research nutrition and exercise and plan out a healthy diet and fitness routine. In a society where people are conditioned to naturally gravitate towards unhealthy foods, careful planning will usually be required to break the cycles of binge eating and fad dieting and move towards a healthier outcome.

Fad diets remain a problem and always will as long as people would rather search out a quick fix than attempt to take concerted action to effect lasting change. They usually involve under nourishing, skewing your diet towards one or two foods for a short period of time in order to shock the body into burning fat. Unfortunately, dieters will soon discover that these sorts of diet are unsustainable long term and, as they have not changed their usual habits and attitudes towards food the moment they end the diet they will begin to regain weight.

Lasting change will always involve forming new habits. By learning the facts about nutrition and fitness you will set yourself up to be able to make informed choices in almost any situation, whether purchasing your groceries or out at a restaurant. This is the only kind of change that lasts and, hopefully, with the help of this website you will begin along the path to achieving that sort of lasting change and thus improving your quality of life for many years to come.